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We need you now more than ever...

Wellness at the washington house.png


We need $50,000 to turn this jungle into a gem. This budget includes the following:

  • Landscaping

  • Vintage greenhouse repair

  • Deteriorated shed demolition

  • Covered pavilion construction

  • Land and medicinal garden consultants

  • Project management fees

  • Plants

  • Furnishings

Every little bit that we raise will help us move forward on some part of the project, so please do not think that you do not have enough to give. A rosemary bush only cost $5. It is easily propagated, and can be used for skin conditions, mood disorders, and of course a delicious culinary spice. Now imagine a family coming to the garden to learn how to use, grow, and take care of rosemary at a Nile’s Edge program, then having the opportunity to take it home to continue to benefit from its uses for years to come. See what your $5 just did? Now imagine $20, $100, or $1000...

...or you can support by getting yourself one of these fly limited edition sweatshirts. 



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