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Beginners Guided Meditation with Liz Davis

Hello community!

Due to the stress and anxiety we are all feeling due the pandemic, Nile's Edge Healing Arts Center has decided to share on a weekly basis information related to health and wellness from our amazing African-centered practitioners.

Just because we are not able to see and support you all in person, that does not mean that we can't continue to provide our knowledge to aid in your journey towards physical, spiritual, and mental happiness.

Our first practitioners to share her knowledge is Liz Davis. Liz Davis is a Reiki Master who joined the Healthy Living Movement in 1998 when she went from 400 to 220 pounds over two years. Most recently, healing childhood trauma saved her life and met a transformation milestone reaching 200 pounds in 2012. She now uses writing, drama and workshops with other health industry professionals to share her story and offer the life-changing benefits of holistic self care to all who aspire a healthy lifestyle.  Her outreach is focused on the African American community who suffer in greater numbers from preventable conditions than the average American. Liz can be found promoting the message of healthy living via monthly community walks, performing arts and as an energy healing practitioner in the discipline of Reiki. Contact her today for workshop consultation, registration and appointments at 206-890-7962 or and on social media:

Click on the YouTube link below to have Liz take you through a guided meditation journey towards becoming more grounded and centered in yourself. Peace Family!

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