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Welcome to the Edge

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

The edge of the Nile River that was also know in ancient Egypt as Iteru, or great river. We want to explore and dissect the many hidden truths about the longest river in the world and the springboard of modern civilization.Nile's Edge, the name of our new afro-centric healing arts center is a tribute to the history of humanity, the dedication to spiritual growth, and the ingenuity of remembering sacred technology in the form of self development. At the edge of the Nile is where vast trade began and cultural exchange was at its height. The Nile's edge is where rituals were performed and healing was executed. It is in the Nile where muddy waters can hold dangers unseen, and it is at it's edge, where we try and see through those murky truths and into a brighter future.

We are honored to bring you Nile's Edge, and we hope that you will lean into our programs, practitioners, and performances and see what happens when we go beyond the edges.

Photo info: Anuket was the Egyptian goddess of the Nile.

Photo credit: Thalia Took

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