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Kaba Hiawatha Kamene is here with us!

Nile’s Edge Healing Arts is yet again doing our Diaspora Series! This is a series of workshops and educational events centered on supporting our community in learning African centered concepts of education, healing, and community building. This year we have decided to focus on spirituality.

Our first speaker will be educator Kaba Hiawatha Kamene. Brother Kaba has been a Pan African, African-Centered educator, consultant, administrator, staff developer and curriculum writer for over 40 years, particularly in New York. He is also creator, Principal Facilitator and Chief Executive Officer of the African-Centered Science Academy, “Per Ankh (Temple/House of Life)”.

Brother Kaba will be teaching 3 sessions over this weekend of March 30-31, 2024 at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (104 17th Ave. South. Seattle, WA 98144).


On March 30th at 1p, he will be teaching us how to educate our children using the 11 Laws of Ma'at. The 11 Laws of Maat were guiding principles that the ancient Egyptians used to live and grow by. These laws were eventually co-opted by the Europeans and made into the familiar 10 Commandments. A Caribbean Lunch will be provided.

Tickets for this session are sliding scale ranging from $5-50. Here is the ticket link:

For his second session on March 30th at 6pm, he will be teaching us African history to correct what we know or do not know about our people and our culture. 

Tickets are sliding scale ranging from $5-50. Here is the ticket link:

Third, he will have a session for the men on Male Cosmic Energy on March 31st at 2pm. We have a balance of masculine and feminine energy everywhere in the universe. Kaba will focus on male energy for this one. 

Tickets are sliding scale ranging from $5-50. Here is the ticket link:

We really want to get the word out especially to teachers, educators, and administrators to join us for this workshop. Please invite any and all folks you know who are involved in education in any facet. 

We hope that you will join us for some or all of these trainings/workshops. 

You can find out more information on Kaba through his website and social media below. 


Search Kaba Kamene on YouTube to see some of his teachings. 

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