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Monday Night Meditation

Monday Night Meditation is about building healing rituals with the community and ourselves. This series will be a space where healing and transformation can happen. Meditation allows us to connect to our conscious and manifest the world we want to live in. Monday Meditation will guide you through whatever you are going through and create that safe space where you can holistically (body,mind, and spirit) acknowledge parts of you that need more love. You can rest in the space, you can channel, you can grieve, you can transform, and you can just BE. Please join me and several other practitioners as we heal and cultivate peace together and get to know ourselves deeper so we can love, expand and elevate to our highest purpose.


The Monday May 18 session will be facilitated by

Minister, Medium, Energy Worker, and Agent of Meditation - Amelia Love Clearheart


This meditation series is coordinated by Nile's Edge Healer - Aishe Keita -

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