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We can't thank you enough...

We have been silent, because we have been grieving. We are healers who need to heal, teachers who need to learn, artists starving to create, and Black humans trying to survive. We are accountable to not only our community, but also each other's well being. For this reason we are changing directions and hoping that you join us on our new mission.

We have to say good-bye to our Central District office, because paying rent in a space that is unsafe for us to use does not serve us or our community. However, because of your ongoing support, love, and contributions, we are transitioning to an even more comprehensive model of holistic health care. Over the next few months you will see an increase of online course offerings, an increase in collaborations and volunteer opportunities, and most importantly an increase in fundraising efforts for our new home! We are not closing our doors, we simply want to OWN the doors we open.

As a black community we can not continue to borrow land and resources, this is not liberation. We must own our space to truly be impactful. As you continue to donate to us, know that the funding will be going towards this effort, and that a capital campaign will be on its way soon. We are able to make this transition smoothly, because of your generous donations and the financial support of organizations like 4 Culture, Seattle office of Arts and Culture, African American Health Board, Central Area Collaborative, and Intersectional Healers Relief Fund. We have shown you what we can do with a little, now just imagine what we can achieve with A LOT!!! Please continue to book sessions with our practitioners, they are all still seeing clients online, and stay tune for more news on what's next.

Again, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.

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