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Can We Raise $50,000 in 24 Days?

Wellness at the Washington House is a collaboration between Nile’s Edge Healing Arts and The Washington House to renovate the outdoor space for drum circles, outdoor film screenings, classes on herbalism and meditation, and private outdoor ceremonies and events. The Washingtons had a big beautiful garden, pond, and greenhouse that they used for teaching and entertaining that has not been maintained due to a lack of funds and issues with accessibility. Nile’s Edge would like to renovate their garden to its original glory with an additional focus on medicinal herbs and meditative spaces. We realized we could not thrive as an African centered space indoors! We needed a place to be in the grass and in the trees for more in depth healing work, especially during COVID-19 when being indoors is no longer a safe option.

Our Goal

We need $50,000 to turn this jungle into a gem. This budget includes the following:

  • Landscaping

  • Vintage greenhouse repair

  • Deteriorated shed demolition

  • Covered pavilion construction

  • Land and medicinal garden consultants

  • Project management fees

  • Plants

  • Furnishings

Every little bit that we raise will help us move forward on some part of the project, so please do not think that you do not have enough to give. A rosemary bush only cost $5. It is easily propagated, and can be used for skin conditions, mood disorders, and of course a delicious culinary spice. Now imagine a family coming to the garden to learn how to use, grow, and take care of rosemary at a Nile’s Edge program, then having the opportunity to take it home to continue to benefit from its uses for years to come. See what your $5 just did? Now imagine $20, $100, or $1000...

Our Plan

Marginalized communities are often left to fight each other over funding opportunities. Nile’s Edge’s partnership with the James and Janie Washington Cultural Center is our effort to join forces across organizations, missions, and generations of art and community activism. They have the space, we have the ideas, and you have the funds to help us build together.

In less than two years, Nile’s Edge has brought together practitioners and community members to heal individually and collectively.

Some of our highlights include:

  • Opening a Black, women-owned holistic health center in the historically Black neighborhood of the Central District.

  • Offering an incubator space for Black healers and practitioners to grow their practice.

  • Monday Night Mediation, where we introduce our community to various forms of mediation techniques.

  • The Diaspora Series workshops; an online learning program that allowed Black people a space to learn history and health for and by Black teachers around the country.

Other ways you can help

There are plenty of moving parts to this project and we want you to jump in and help at whatever your comfort level is. Here is how:

  • Share this campaign across your social media platforms

  • Record a video testimony of how Nile’s Edge has helped you on your holistic health journey and email it to us so that we can share it.

  • Ask your place of employment if they offer matching funds and have them match us at $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000.

  • Donate medicinal plant seeds or starter plants

  • Donate gardening tools and supplies

  • Sponsor a garden by pledging upkeep and maintenance for a year

  • Become a Nile’s Edge Spirit Member and donate $10-$100 a month

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